SeaGlide build instructions

Working through the following steps will get your glider from its box into a pool in no time! 

Before you begin, read through the SeaGlide Introduction and acquaint yourself with the Kit Contents

You can also take a look at the Build Videos, which walk through the technical parts of the SeaGlide build.

Tip for success: DO NOT SKIP sections 9 and 10! (Printing them so you can take them to the pool may be helpful)

  1. Power Supply and Limit Switch

  2. Buoyancy Engine

  3. Circuit Board

  4. Arduino Pro Mini

  5. Bottle Cap Prep

  6. Buoyancy Engine Assembly

  7. Bottle Prep

  8. Wing and Rudder Design

  9. Ballast and Flight Principles

  10. Pre-Flight Checklist